Let’s Talk About My Menstrual Cycle.

The other day on Facebook a friend linked me to this article: 8 Awkward Things You Might Do If You’ve Truly Gone Green. It was pretty silly, but I think the sentiment of the title was exactly what I’m looking for here.

“Awkward” is the enemy of Befriending Green. Who wants to look foolish or weird in front of strangers-or worse, their friends and family?

So, I present to you my short and shameless list of things that I do because it makes me feel better about my relationship to the natural world that people think are really weird:

  1. Reusable Menstrual Pads Hey, why not put the most outrageous, personal, “disgusting” thing I do right at the top? I have been using reusable pads for like 5 years now. I generally don’t share that information, because people think it is super weird and gross. But hey, you readers don’t get to be a part of polite society once you hit this blog! I don’t understand why this is so weird to people. Our parents used reusable diapers, didn’t they? Hell, our mothers probably used reusable pads back in their day! Just think about how many bits of soiled plastic and cotton you could keep out of the landfill if you headed over to lunapads.com?
  2. I use chemical-free shampoo (Shameless plug!!!!) That’s right, folks, my shampoo doesn’t have any chemicals in it. Not impressed? Go dig out your pathetic shampoo and tell me what ingredients you see there! HA I WIN. Ok, so this might not seem that weird, but it is a hard thing to transition to. Normal shampoos that you can buy at the store have lots of chemicals that strip your hair of its natural oils, and are often carcinogenic. The shampoo bars that we make at Chicory Farm Soap don’t have chemicals in them, so when you wash your hair it’s a different kind of clean. For the first two weeks it feels like your hair isn’t really getting clean, but once it regulates itself your hair and scalp are healthier than before!
  3. I compost This isn’t so weird, but it is freaking disgusting. Even I think so. We have a 5 gallon bucket under our sink that holds all of our compost, which generally includes one or two fridge-cleanings worth of horribly rotten food. This compost bin is a combination of my guilt at wasting food and utter laziness of just taking the compost out every day. It used to be a 1 gallon bucket… Yeah. Pretty soon we’re going to turn the whole basement into a compost bin and I’ll have a shoot from my kitchen down into the slimy pit of hell that is the compost. Joking aside, I love my compost bin because I don’t feel bad about wasting food, which is pretty much inevitable. But it’s gross.

Hmm, can’t think of anything else weird that I do.

Do you do anything that your friends and family think is a little off the wall? Is there something you’ve been thinking about doing, but you’re too afraid they’ll laugh at you?


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