I’ve met someone new, Wrapping Paper. Her name is Furoshiki.

Man, I have been so lazy lately. I’ve been practicing the art of snuggling with my dogs and looking at snow. It is very difficult to do.

So here’s a lazy blog post for you. Basically a re-post of someone else’s post. (Cheater!)

If you’re not familiar with Treehugger you should go check them out. It’s a website dedicated to sustainability that generally has a pretty positive outlook on the future, rather than bashing us all for our horrible earth-destroying ways. They usually have crazy awesome technology articles too!

Today I found a neat article on their website via Facebook (oh, the rabbit holes we dig). It talks about a different way to wrap your Christmas gifts: Furoshiki. Furoshiki is a Japanese folding art, similar to origami, but done with fabric instead of paper.


You can read more about Furoshiki here!

But I’m not about to COMPLETELY duplicate someone else’s blog post. I’m not that lazy.

I have to share something kind of yucky: Each year, between Thanksgiving and New Years, 5 additional tons of waste are generated in the United States. 4 of those 5 tons are wrapping paper and gift bags. That is one of those statistics that makes you go “Wait, whaaaa…?”.

I don’t feel like it’s a good use of your time to discuss why that’s bad, so let’s just talk about solutions! Quick brainstorm:

  • I always save gift bags to reuse them, and sometimes will save the wrapping paper to use over again if it isn’t too creased.
  • I also always save tissue paper to reuse, because it’s supposed to be kind of crinkled up anyway, and if it’s torn no one ever notices!
  • My grandfather always wrapped gifts in old newspaper; you can make this particularly fun if you choose articles or comics that you think reflect the person you’re giving the gift to.
  • What about forgoing the wrapping altogether and creating a different tradition? We don’t need wrapping paper for our Easter baskets because we hide them in the house! What if we just hid our presents around the house instead of wrapping them up under the tree? Maybe you could incorporate the tree by hiding a clue inside of it, as to where the gift is hidden?
  • Recyclable wrapping paper is always a good option if you’re not quite ready to kick the paper habit!

There are lots of other holiday traditions that could use some greening, too. How do you befriend green during the holidays?


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