It’s time to befriend that big green monster

Those who know me will not be surprised that I’ve decided to throw together a blog about sustainability. In fact, they’ll probably wonder why I didn’t start one earlier?

“I’m mad as Hell, and I’m not going to take this anymore!”

That’s why.

Come on, guys. We are so much better than this. We’re doing really stupid shit with the resources that we have, and we’re refusing to deal with it.

And why’s that?

Here’s my theory (it’s not very scientific):

  1. Every time we’re confronted with environmental conundrums, they’re super depressing and make us feel like we can’t do anything about it.
  2. When we DO get help on how to be more environmentally conscious, it’s a really freakin stupid suggestion, like “take shorter showers,” or “recycle,” or “carpool,” or “shop local.” Yayyyy.
  3. And then when we DO do those silly little suggestions, some scientist comes back and says “Oh, no, doing that doesn’t actually matter at all, so you should stop doing that and just wait to melt in a big pile of human goop when the ozone layer gives way.” Oh, great, guess I’ll have that second burger.
  4. If we decide to go with some really crazy environmental choice, like, say, being a vegetarian, the people around us make us feel like dirty hippies. “Did you want some granola with that, dear? Maybe some marywana?”

So, that right there is quite a bit of social pressure to NOT befriend green. All of our external stimuli are saying, “Eh, why bother? Let’s just stay the way we are, blissfully unaware. Otherwise we’d be too miserably depressed to function.”

This blog is my attempt to address this silliness. I think we can all band together and befriend green while having fun, looking pretty freakin bad ass, and actually making a tangible difference. Together with inspirational people around me we’ll tackle issues and try to make green a little less frightening and a little more tangible.


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